Fantasy Hockey Guide 2016-17 (English Edition) por NHL Trade Rumors

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Fantasy Hockey Guide 2016-17 (English Edition)

Titulo del libro : Fantasy Hockey Guide 2016-17 (English Edition)
Fecha de lanzamiento : September 11, 2016
Autor : NHL Trade Rumors
Número de páginas : 34
Editor :

NHL Trade Rumors con Fantasy Hockey Guide 2016-17 (English Edition)

6th annual Fantasy Hockey Guide. Only 9.99 including tax! Adobe document (.pdf) and Excel draft lists. Available for instant download. Guide is updated through start of season - updates are free. Win your fantasy league with this Guide's exclusive projections and expert strategies.

On draft day for your league, your opponents will rely on magazines that were published months ago and hence out of date. Or they will rely on Yahoo and NHL projections. To win your fantasy league, you have to go above and beyond standard projections that are widely available for free on these sites. You need the expert projections, advice and strategies contained within this Guide to win.

This Guide is helpful for all league formats - keeper, points, salary cap, and rotisserie leagues. It is helpful for people of all skill levels, including beginner, intermediate and advanced. This Guide walks you through the fantasy draft process from league creation to drafting to strategies. I give you all the information you need and keep it updated, allowing you to properly evaluate players. This Guide helps you win your fantasy league each year.

Your guide is a must-have for any fantasy hockey player. I play in a Salary Cap league and your strategies are very insightful. I never knew there was so much strategy involved. --Steven

Your projections are the most accurate I have seen. I won my work hockey pool last year because I followed them closely. --Dan

This is my third year getting your fantasy guide. I lost the first year by 1 point. I finally won my pool for the first time last year. Thank you for making a high quality guide that I can depend on. --Doug

My Keeper league is very competitive, and I'll do anything to win. I have picked up many different fantasy guides throughout the years. Your guide is the most complete I have read. --Brad

Hi, I wanted to drop you a quick line to say I love your blog and your fantasy hockey guide. Keep up the good work! --Sue