A History of Spanish Film: Cinema and Society 1910-2010 por Sally Faulkner

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A History of Spanish Film: Cinema and Society 1910-2010

Titulo del libro : A History of Spanish Film: Cinema and Society 1910-2010
Fecha de lanzamiento :
Autor : Sally Faulkner
Número de páginas :
ISBN : 0826416675
Editor :

Sally Faulkner con A History of Spanish Film: Cinema and Society 1910-2010

A History of Spanish Film explores Spanish film from the beginnings of the industry to the present day by combining some of the most exciting work taking place in film studies with some of the most urgent questions that have preoccupied twentieth-century Spain. It addresses new questions in film studies, like 'prestige film' and 'middlebrow cinema', and places these in the context of a country defined by social mobility, including the 1920s industrial boom, the 1940s post-Civil War depression, and the mass movement into the middle classes from the 1960s onwards. Close textual analysis of some 42 films from 1910-2010 provides an especially useful avenue into the study of this cinema for the student. - Uniquely offers extensive close readings of 42 films, which are especially useful to students and teachers of Spanish cinema. - Analyses Spanish silent cinema and films of the Franco era as well as contemporary examples. - Interrogates film's relations with other media, including literature, pictorial art and television. - Explores both 'auteur' and 'popular' cinemas. - Establishes 'prestige' and the 'middlebrow' as crucial new terms in Spanish cinema studies. - Considers the transnationality of Spanish cinema throughout its century of existence. - Contemporary directors covered in this book include Almodovar, Bollain, Diaz Yanes and more.

'A combination of painstaking research, theoretical awareness, critical apercu and elegant writing.' -- Professor Peter Evans, Emeritus Professor Of Film, University Of London, Queen Mary, UK Endorsement

'There has been nothing quite like Sally Faulkner's A History of Spanish Film. This lengthy and ambitious volume combines a compelling general account of a vital national cinema with brilliant close analyses of individual titles. Moreover it skillfully places artistic and cultural questions within social and historical contexts. This book is required reading for both those who already know Spanish cinema and those who would like to discover it.' -- Paul Julian Smith, Graduate Center, City University Of New York, Us Endorsement

'This beautifully nuanced study gives the reader a series of intriguing new perspectives on the social crossovers produced by a cinema marked by class mobility and by realignments in taste in Spain. It concentrates on the active engagement of middle class culture -- bizarrely under-estimated in most books on Spanish film -- with fictions, markets and institutions. Sally Faulkner's indispensable history reveals a different continuity and disparate set of Spanish images to the ones we might have thought we knew.' --Chris Perriam, Professor Of Hispanic Studies, School Of Arts, Languages And Cultures, University Of Manchester, UK Endorsement

Sally Faulkner is Associate Professor of Hispanic Studies and Film at the University of Exeter, UK. She is the author of Literary Adaptations in Spanish Cinema (2004) and A Cinema of Contradiction: Spanish Film of the 1960s (2006) and was awarded a Fellowship from the British Arts and Humanities Research Council for 2011.