The Basics of Process Improvement por Tristan Boutros, Jennifer Cardella

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The Basics of Process Improvement

Titulo del libro : The Basics of Process Improvement
Fecha de lanzamiento :
Autor : Tristan Boutros, Jennifer Cardella
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ISBN : 1498719880
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Tristan Boutros, Jennifer Cardella con The Basics of Process Improvement

Unlike other books that promote a specific process and performance improvement discipline, this book shows organizations how to achieve success by fixing basic operational issues and problems using a broad and wide-sweeping process-based toolkit. In addition, it helps individuals who have worked in stale- or siloed-thinking enterprises make the transition to a process or improvement-oriented culture and teaches those who are unfamiliar with process tools to look at their work with a new lens and adopt a continuous improvement and analytical-thinking mindset.

The authors have successfully used the various methods, tools, and concepts found in this book to overcome practical, daily problems at various organizations. This book will surely help operators, managers, practitioners, and executives, who are charged with improving processes and workplace culture, produce better products and services.


"The difference between good and great is not quality or productivity, it is the way you run your processes. If you follow these suggestions about basic process improvement, you will maximize the value of your output to all stakeholders. This book embodies the fundamentals and reminds us all of the key techniques for success."

H. James Harrington, prolific author of more than 35 process improvement books, CEO, Harrington Institute

"Every journey begins with a first step, and the path to better work process is no different. The Basics of Process Improvement gives the beginning practitioner all the tools needed to start their path towards a better way. Every step in your journey will be enhanced by the practical insights and proven approaches offered inside. Now get on your way!"

Rich Sheridan, author of Joy, Inc.: How We Built a Workplace People Love